My name is Kaine, and I went to Japan.  I flew on Hawaiian Airlines to Osaka, Japan.  When I arrived, my Mom's friend picked us up and drove us to my home in Osaka.  We arrived at our Osaka home late at night.  The next day was my Japan school's birthday.  It is 140 years old.  My Mom also went to this school when she was a kid.  On other days I went to school and soccer practice.  On Saturday, I went to child care and was selected to be rabbit helper with two other boys.  Later I went to a big bath.  On another day, I went to a large flower park in Kobe, a city south of Osaka.  The park also has many fruit trees.  We stayed for dinner, and during dinner a bell rang.  Then Christmas lights suddenly went on everywhere in the park.  It was very beautiful.  I had a great time.  It was very fun!